Last Week to see the “Vibrate Higher” Exhibition

Vibrate Higher Exhibition

Vibrate Higher Exhibition

This week is the last week to take in the “Vibrate Higher” Exhibition at South Fulton County Art Center. The paintings in this exhibit are very important works by some of Atlanta’s most interesting emerging artists. A person’s vibration is a direct reflection of their inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choice of words, how well they take care of themselves, the natural environment, and others around them. Your vibration is your divine signature, your soul essence, and it is special only to you! “In today’s social, political, and economic atmosphere, it is even more important than ever to not only hold, but project a healthier state of being. As artists, it is our calling to do so. The Vibrate Higher Exhibition was a collective step in that direction.


Make no mistakes… “Vibrating Higher” is not for the faint of heart. Most of us only look internally and make changes when circumstance dictates that we absolutely have to. Raising your own vibration is not easy. The idea basically consists of going against ones own instinctual animal nature as opportunity presents itself in daily exchange with other people who also face the same dilemma. This is heavy lifting for the average person. Almost everything we come across on television or social media is designed to sell you a very gradual concept. Subtly overtime the essential idea is slowly introduced that you are not enough as you are already. As a matter of fact, you’ve got a lot of damn work to do! Maybe if you buy this, rub this in, try this for 30 days, you might begin to approach acceptability. Typically the most innocent looking advertisements are the most insidious. A lot of these low frequency commercials and “programs” are specifically aimed at children. Studies show that by the age of five, most children can tell you more about their perceived inadequacies than their attributes. By the time we enter young adulthood this tragic worldview and it’s accompanying behavior patterns are deeply engrained in our psychology. Low self esteem, cynicism, jealously, and insensitivety to other people’s suffering all appear well… normal. So what does a dew drop of integrity do lost in a vast desert of indecency? How does a person remain sain while still drinking from the same river as the insane? How indeed does a person actually  “vibrate higher”?

There exist certain principles intertwined through all of the philosophies and religions of the world. All of these principles ultimately point to one thing – Knowledge of self.

Knowledge of self can be found through all of the faiths, meditation, even the wilderness. Contrary to popular belief we actually do have the final say on how we want to live our lives. This is a very powerful realization that should not be overlooked. It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why you are here in the first place. The exhibition features works by Deshun Stephens, Darrien West, D. Hodges, Creed, and Jeanne Burke Wierda. The work will be on display until Friday May 26th. This is an electric time to be alive, come out and VIBRATE HIGHER!

Vibrate Higher Exhibition 2017

Vibrate Higher Exhibition 2017

Vibrate Higher Exhibition 2017

Vibrate Higher Exhibition 2017

Below I have listed 10 small ways to raise your daily vibration.

  1. Practice self-love to fuel your energetic transformation. Focus on your own inner peace.  

2.     Meditate daily [at least 10 minutes] to clear your mental chaos.

3.     Forgive Yourself – The path to a higher vibrational frequency is not linear. You will make mistakes, miss essential spiritual lessons, and hit roadblocks along the way because you’re not perfect.

4.     Perceive the diversity of creation to appreciate all things.

5.     Remember that you reside in more than just your physical body, much more. Accept your interconnection with the universe to expand your consciousness.

6.     Soften your energy to release creativity and harmony

7.     Project your true self to live an authentic and fulfilling life.

8.     Avoid gossip and negativity

9.     Surround yourself with positive people to energize your spirit. Remember that proximity to positive people will empower you.

10.   Laugh out loud!

“Vibrate Higher” Exhibition

Location: South Fulton county Art Center Address: 4645 Butner Rd, College Park, GA 30349 Phone:(404) 612-3087 Art Center Manager : Tony Jordan Curator: Ralph “rEN” Dillard

Vibrate Higher exhibition April 14th 2017 at South Fulton Art Center

Vibrate Higher exhibition April 14th 2017 at South Fulton Art Center

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