Jay Z @ McDonalds

Jay-Z @ McDonalds - 50x64 - Oil on canvas - 2011    Jay Z @ McDonalds [click the images for a larger view]

Jay Z at McDonalds is a large 50X64 oil on canvas. The multi-layered painting combines several different religious motifs and iconic references. I wanted the viewer to feel a sense of symmetry and balance. There was also an effort to create a certain element of space and distance. These two ideas blend together to build a surrealistic dreamscape where everything is more liquid than solid.
 dogwoodgallery [Currently exhibited @ Dogwood Gallery]
The peapod at the top of the painting is symbolic of the holy trinity. Positioned under a lunar eclipse, the peapod is slightly opened, similar to a human eye socket. This gentle awakening to a higher consciousness is a gradual process that we all go through in life. The 3 peas represent the 3rd eye as well. Whenever the 3rd eye begins to open… it can never be fully closed again. There maybe times in life when we lose focus of the divine, but the fuzzy outline is still there!
The central figure is an image of a abstract pregnant woman. A sort of pre-madonna in the true essence of the phrase. Again we deal with the general theme of renewal. The unborn child is a symbol of potential and promise. But there is also a problem! The pregnant figure seems to be levitating in the body position of the Christian crucifixion. The painting seems to suggest that through the pain of sacrifice in our lives, we can reach a higher state or plane of being. Through discipline, hard work, patience, and even suffering, we will eventually ascend to a higher state. This is also consistent with the Christian idea of the resurrection. All 7 chakras are illuminated and layered on top of the sacred symbols rest an image of the Kabbalah tree of life. The pregnant figure is shimmering with the raw energy of the cosmos. She is flanked by birds of peace [white doves], and birds of war [war planes]. There are also a lot of subtle iconic symbols floating in the space around the figure.
dogwoodgallery1 [lol…found this post on Instagram ]
Beneath the illuminated being are seven trans-dimensional dolphins that can apparently flow through solid matter as if it was as buoyant as water. Dolphins are said to have a more complex nervous system than humans! They are extremely interesting animals on multiple levels that I won’t begin to unpack in this post.
It is said that Jesus was buried between two thieves. On the left of the crucified figure is McDonalds and on the right is Wal-Mart. Nuff said.
Most of the painting is dark! I really wanted to generate a sort of Gotham City effect. The luminous buildings enclose thick thunderclouds that descend deep into the distance. The general theme of the painting is about awakening to a connection to the higher self. Inside of the McDonalds is a very small image of Jay Z presumably having dinner. The odds of catching him at a McDonalds eating anything are probably similar to the remote possibly being a witness to some meta-physical event like the one in this painting. Oddly there is a white silhouette  of a sniper on top of the highest building taking aim at the unknowing Jay Z.
Figure that one out :)

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  1. Shoney Dee says:

    What an outstanding concept! This painting has top be one of my favorites!

  2. Toni Michelle says:

    Awesome works Ralph! Very proud!

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